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Adding Shortcuts to the Windows 8 Start Menu

One of the main concerns with the Windows 8 Start Menu is that it changed the end user experience and software behavior that people had gotten used to with Windows. Last week, my article discussed how you can navigate easier with Windows key shortcuts, like using the Windows+X. (As seen below) In addition to using […]

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Navigating easier with the Windows 8.1 Start Menu

Windows 8/Server 2012 changed the way, user interacted with the desktop and safe to say at this point, a lot of people were unhappy with the new design. Personally, I feel it is a shame, because I feel that Windows 8/Server 2012 is the best operating system that Microsoft has released to date. I am […]

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Types of MSSQL Joins

In Microsoft SQL Server, we have four types of joins. We use these joins to fetch data from multiple tables that are based on a condition. A join condition is a relationship among some columns in the data tables that take part in SQL join. Basically data tables are related to each other with keys. […]

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Language components of Structured Query Language (SQL)

Recently, I have been working on improving my querying ability in Microsoft SQL and have been reading Itzik Ben-Gan’s book. I thought I had written this topic in an earlier and to my surprise I was wrong. A good fundamental bit of information to know as I progress through data structures and the language used to […]

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Hardware Changes in Windows 2012 RS VM’s

I have been reading a few of the latest Ebooks from Microsoft press lately: Introducing Windows Server 2012 R2 Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals In this book, I felt it gave one of the better summaries of the new changes with Hyper-V and I am just copying a section from them as seen below. […]

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HOW TO: Deploy Windows 8.1 via WINPE USB Disk

Recently, I had to create a custom image and I was pleasantly surprised with the way it turned out. It allowed me to shave 3 hours off an installation, so I could deploy a standard image to workstations. This is part three of a three part series that will detail how to perform the following […]

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How to Disable Screen Auto-Rotation in Windows 8.X

Windows 8 is strongly aimed at tablets and touch enabled devices, most of which will allow their use in both landscape and portrait orientations. Depending on your personal preference, you might want to disable this auto-rotating behavior, but had a hard time finding a way to do it. Well you are in luck today and […]

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Organization Charts of the Big Companies

This chart has been out for a while and it shows how these different companies (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Oracle) are/were organized: Amazon– Classic mafia structure, the don (Jeff Bezos) is on top, soldiers report to their captains, they report to the guy above, and he takes orders from the don. Google– Much […]

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HOW TO: Gather a packet capture without installing WireShark

In yesterday’s article, I talked about using MessageAnalyzer (successor to Microsoft Network Monitor) to open network files with no known extensions and then exporting the file in a format that Wireshark can use to present the data. As stated in last week’s article, I mentioned that “networking issues can be a more difficult topic to […]

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HOW TO: Using MessageAnalyzer to export files to Wireshark

Sometimes you may get a file (usually from an open source system, such as Linux) that has network data. If you try to use notepad to open it in Windows, you will see that it is in binary. The text will be unreadable and you may also think that this file provides no value. (As […]

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PowerShell Basics: Using Variables

Variables are a fundamental part of Windows PowerShell. They’re quite different from the variables in Cmd.exe. In Cmd.exe, all variables are environment variables, which you primarily access with the Set command. The environment variables can store only strings of text. (You can store a number in an environment variable, but it’s up to the program […]

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How does Instant File Initialization Help Your Databases?

In an earlier article, I spoke about a Best Practice called File Initialization. I walk you through setting it up I pointed you to a blog by Kimberly Tripp. Today, I want to show you how much time it will save you. I know this may seem like a silly question, but don’t you want […]

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List of Windows OS Version Numbers

I was watching a video and saw someone open a command prompt to issue a netstat to check on current TCP connections. I noticed the version number and suspected that this was Windows Vista: It turns out that I was correct with my guess that it was Windows Vista, but I decided to put together a […]

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Navigating the Start Menu in Windows 8 and Server 2012

Here is the new Windows 8 Menu that people are both not happy with and also trying to figure out how to use. I have written a few articles about the new start menu in Windows 8/Server 2012. (As seen below) Today I wanted to write another article to help people navigate through this new […]

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PowerShell Script to create a Shutdown/Restart/Logoff Windows 8 Tile for the Start menu

One of my more popular articles on this site, is the Finding the Start Menu in Windows Server 2012. It walks you through the basic changes of the new start menu. Most of the complaints that I have heard is that it hard to quickly reboot, shutdown or logoff a system or it is hard […]

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HOW TO: Enable Windows Key on Logitech G510 Keyboard

I switched to a new keyboard recently (G510 keyboard) and noticed that the Windows Key no longer worked. On Windows 7, this was not such a big deal, but on my Windows 8 installations it was starting to become very annoying. To make matter worse when I searched for it via Microsoft support forums none […]

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HOW TO: Find the Physical host of a VM in Hyper-V

With the rising popularity of virtual machines, you may find yourself one day logging into a server troubleshooting an issue. Then all of a sudden it occurs to you that you are not sure if this machine is Physical or Virtual. Better yet you know this is a VM, but you are not sure which […]

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New AWS Feature: Copy AMI

In my last post, I told you about moving an existing AMI to another region by exploiting the copy snapshot feature. On 13 March 2013, Amazon announced a new feature called Copy AMI: Dear Amazon Web Services Customer, We are excited to announce the immediate availability of a new feature: Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Copy. AMI […]

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HOW TO: Migrate an AWS Image (AMI) to another region

When I used to work at Amazon Web Services (AWS) one of the pain points was the ability to migrate your fault tolerant strategies to another region. Amazon had these great technologies to help you fail away from trouble areas. A great overview of these strategies is in a video, that I did last year, which […]

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Hyper-V limits with Windows Server 2012

As stated in an early article of mine, there is a great free book from Microsoft Press that talks in good depth about Windows Server 2012. Today, I wanted to share some of the information that I learned from that book. (Limits and new features) Here is a simple comparison of the different limits between Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate 1 […]

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