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HOW TO: Use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor in Microsoft SQL Server

Before we begin, I want to provide a little background on this tool. Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) is a component of SQL Server Management Studio, which is an integral part of Microsoft SQL Server, the database management application. This tool is used for improving query performances by examining the way queries are processed and […]

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Hyper-V limits with Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate

As stated in an early article of mine, there is a great free book from Microsoft Press that talks in good depth about Windows Server 2012. Today, I wanted to share some of the information that I learned from the book. (Limits and new features) Here is a simple comparison of the different limits between Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 8 […]

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SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren

I have been meaning to talk about this topic for a while now and tonight I made sure that I put out the good news. Today, I want to introduce you to the SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren which is a script that will create a series of scripts that will perform SQL agent jobs […]

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Announcing Better IOPS for Amazon EBS‏ Volumes‏

Provisioned IOPS are a new EBS volume type designed to deliver predictable, high performance for I/O intensive workloads, such as database applications, that rely on consistent and fast response times. One of the biggest complaints about Amazon Web Services has been disk performance. In order to get fast performance it has been necessary to use […]

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Windows Server 2012 Release Dates

I got some great news for you and it is straight from a Microsoft’s blog Windows Server 2012 final release timing and that news is that they have provided release dates to Windows Server 2012. Release To Manufacturing (RTM): First week of August 2012 Release to General Public: 4 September 2012 These dates were also confirmed by another Microsoft […]

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Free version of Hyper-V Server 2012: Game changer in the making

With Virtualization gaining more traction in all phases of business, competitors are getting better with their products. Most Virtualization vendors offer some sort of free Virtualization software today, that is capable of handling a small to medium load. With that being said, the free hypervisor space is a very important segment for IT pros getting […]

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Creating the Start Menu for Windows 8 or Server 2012

In my last post, I talked about finding the Start Menu in Windows Server 2012 (formerly code name Windows Server 8) since it was a very quick visual difference between previous versions of Windows. It takes some time adjusting to the new direction with the Metro UI, but it can be done. I highly recommend that you […]

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Finding The Start Menu In Windows Server 2012

UPDATE: Most people have been upset with the new Start Menu because of the inability to quickly logoff, shutdown or restart the system. This article will show you how to get around that by creating a PowerShell script to create tiles. As I stated in my last post, I am going to do a series […]

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Technet releases new Windows Server 2012 Jump Start video series

As I stated in an earlier post here, Windows 2012 Release candidate one was released on 31 May 2012. This product is focused on being designed with cloud computing in mind and a lot of features were built with that focus. This will not be an easy upgrade where you just slip in a disc and click […]

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New Free Ebooks (SQL and Windows 2012) from Microsoft Press!

Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July. As you may or may not be aware, Microsoft has released SQL Server 2012 and on 31 May 2012 released Windows Server 2012 (RC1) Release Candidate One (which should mean Release To Manufacturing or RTM should be soon) I highly encourage all […]

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SharePoint error when creating a new SSRS service application

Recently, I followed the steps in this TechNet article (Install Reporting Services SharePoint Mode as a Single Server Farm) to create a Reporting Services 2012 Service Application. However, when I try to create the SSRS service application, I get the following error: “The timer job completed, but failed on one or more machines in the farm.” […]

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Be careful with new licensing model with SQL Server 2012 and CPU’s!

I was upgrading a server recently from SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition to the latest version with 2012. I got a surprise after the upgrade… I lost 12 CPU. I had a 32 Processor system ( HP DL580 4×8 server) as seen below: After the upgrade, I wanted to verify the CPU configuration and noticed […]

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