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HOW TO: Clear Old Server Entries in SQL Server Management Studio or Hyper-V Manager

In this article, I will show you how to remove old server entries from some common tools, like SQL Server Management Studio or Hyper-V Manager. As you may have encountered in your career, systems go through a lifecycle and name changes are pretty common, but sometimes our tools continue to cache those old login names, […]

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Keyboard Shortcut to Move Applications Between Monitors

Today, I am going to cover a topic that some of you may have had to deal with during your career or daily tasks. Missing applications that seemed to drift off the screen or are no longer visbile. I know right, like how does that happen? So why or how does it happen? From my […]

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SQL Server Compatibility Levels

Have you ever wondered what versions of SQL Server related to the compatibility levels? This article will show you the levels and also how to change existing databases to different SQL releases. This is a list of all SQL Server Compatibility Levels: Product Database Engine Version Compatibility Level Designation Supported Compatibility Level Values SQL Server […]

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How To Make Bootable USB

Last month, in my effort to show support to Tim Ford (Blog | Twitter) efforts #iwanttoshare so, I wrote this article about HOW TO: Use ROBOCOPY to Move SQL Files. (Background: asked for fellow bloggers to write about entry level topics. He stated that from time to time he gets feedback that people reading our […]

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Upgrading from SQL Server Evaluation Edition

This article will provide you with a step-by-step set of instructions on how to upgrade a SQL Server 2012 or 2014 evaluation edition to an Enterprise edition. Similar steps can be used to upgrade to any other licensed editions, Developer, Standard or Enterprise. Long story short, changing an edition from an evaluation version to another one does […]

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HOW TO: Determine SQL Server Evaluation Period

Today, I want to talk about how you can determine if you using an evaluation copy of SQL server and also how to determine when that period is over, before you get the pop warning listed below: If you are like me, you are constantly building systems and then tearing them down for testing. In […]

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SQL Saturday #511 (Redmond)

One of the things I really look forward to recently is SQL Saturday as it is a day where I can both learn and talk with others about my passion with Microsoft SQL Server. The latest SQL Saturday #511 in Redmond on 2 April 2016 was no exception to this wonderful community of SQL server […]

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