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Video: WireShark Network Capture

The information provided in this video is meant as a tutorial. It is not the final word on security or setup for your particular case. In Simpler terms: USE at your own risk. That said, I hope it helps.
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This is part three of a four part series on networking troubleshooting:

Part 1: Video: Using TraceTCP versus Tracert
Part 2: Video: Name Resolution and Port Queries
Part 3: Video: WireShark Network Capture
Part 4: Video: Installing Tracetcp, Tcping, WireShark and PortQry

Tools needed:
1- TCP Base tracert (as opposed to ICMP based tool found in Windows)
Winpcap –
tracetcp.exe -

2- TCP Ping (as opposed to ICMP based tool found in Windows)
3- Network Packet capture (Preferred and is considered industry standard)

Netmon can be used as well, but it is now deprecated and does not pull from the wire, but from a NIC driver source

4- PortQry (Similar to Telnet, but much better)

5- PortQry UI (Graphical and easier to use)

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