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What is the different between Classful and Classless Routing?

I have been preparing to take my last part of my CCNA test later this month, which is ICND2. It goes over a lot of topics, such as routing protocols, VLANs, spanning tree and a lot of troubleshooting. One of the topics involves classful and classless routing as it relates to VLSM (variable length subnet masks) […]

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IOS Command Reference

Router Basic Configuration •    Router> enable (enter privileged mode) •    Router# configure terminal •    Router(config)# hostname R1 •    R1(config)# banner motd # message of the day # •    Setting passwords: •    R1(config)# enable secret password •    R1(config)# line console 0 •    R1(config-line)# password password •    R1(config-line)# login •    R1(config)# line vty 0 4 •    R1(config-line)# password password •    R1(config-line)# login •    Gathering Router Info: •    R1# show version •    R1# […]

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