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HOW TO: Enable Windows Key on Logitech G510 Keyboard

I switched to a new keyboard recently (G510 keyboard) and noticed that the Windows Key no longer worked. On Windows 7, this was not such a big deal, but on my Windows 8 installations it was starting to become very annoying. To make matter worse when I searched for it via Microsoft support forums none of their suggestions worked.

I tried the following articles with no luck on getting the Windows key to work:

I tried a couple of other places, but I was still unable to find any helpful information. My next step was to focus my search efforts. As you may or may not be aware, you can do a search for a topic and limit the results to a particular domain. You can perform a search like this string example and it will work for either Bing or Google.

enable windows key windows 7 G510 keyboard

Doing that kind of search allowed me to find this article:

Both G510 Win keys stopped working

It turns out that there is a game switch icon at the top of the key as seen highlighted by a purple box to the top left:

This game switch will have a joystick icon on it, which is above the F1 key. When the switch is to the left, your Windows keys work normally. when the switch is to the right, the Windows keys are disabled (to prevent full-screen games from being minimized if you press a Windows key by mistake) 

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