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SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren

I have been meaning to talk about this topic for a while now and tonight I made sure that I put out the good news. Today, I want to introduce you to the SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren which is a script that will create a series of scripts that will perform SQL agent jobs to run backups for transaction logs, full and differential for both system and user databases. If that was not cool enough, it also optimize indexes and perform integrity checks on all of your databases. These are highly polished scripts that in the US Army that would be considered high-speed, low-drag. (Definition #1: A high quality, efficient way to do something, performed with exceptional speed, but still simple and streamlined)

Designing or even maintaining scripts that you have acquired over the years can take a lot of effort. This may lead to you to have longer days as you have to update them to work with new features. I had a series of scripts and I was very happy with them, but as I grew more in my knowledge of SQL, I wanted more abilities added in my scripts. Then I started seeing more and more people I follow on blogs, tell me the same thing… use OLA’s scripts.

Many other people (only listing a few people here) have mentioned these scripts and also have highly recommend them:

Brad McGehee
Brent Ozar (Few times here)
Greg Low
SQL Authority

I am also going to recommend the saw the same thing… Please do yourself a favor, take a minute and go to his website, then download his script and test them out your self. I think you will be very impressed with how fast it installs and how fast these jobs run. He even looks for other back up programs besides using the default SQL server tool.

Another cool thing, these scripts support SQL 2012 and earlier versions as he documented  here.

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