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Technet releases new Windows Server 2012 Jump Start video series

As I stated in an earlier post here, Windows 2012 Release candidate one was released on 31 May 2012. This product is focused on being designed with cloud computing in mind and a lot of features were built with that focus. This will not be an easy upgrade where you just slip in a disc and click next until you click finish. Now, this install will make you focus on your infrastructure and what are your business needs.

Hyper-V gets a steroid bump in performance and functionality. It now makes for a legitimate argument that can be won to deploy Windows Server 2012 as your choice for hypervisor. A lot of really well thought out features were added to help make management of the VM more obtainable to include resource management of network, memory and CPU.

To help you get up to speed, I highly recommend that you take a few hours to review these videos as they give you an overview of the new Server OS and some demonstrations. I will be doing a series of articles on Windows Server 2012 (formerly codenamed Windows Server 8) to highlight my experience.

In the meantime, enjoy these videos from Microsoft.

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