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DBCC CHECKDB A Further Explanation

In an earlier, post I talked about doing backups and also making sure they are being done with data that has been verified as healthy. We want to avoid the scenario of garbage in leads to garbage out. As stated in that earlier article: Robert Davis (Blog | Twitter) provided me with some good advice: You should […]

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HOW TO: Import CSV Data files into SQL Server

How many times have we had to perform an inventory of either our equipment or software assets and then get asked to import that information into a database of some sort? Recently a friend at work asked me for some assistance on creating such a database to inventory server hardware. Lucky for me they had most of the data fields input taken […]

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Video: EC2 Windows Command Line Tools installation

The information provided in this video is meant as a tutorial. It is not the final word on security or setup for your particular case. In Simpler terms: USE at your own risk. That said, I hope it helps. Loading the player … This file contents from this video can be download here. This zip […]

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What is better to use Database Mirroring or Log Shipping for SQL Server?

Well, the answer to this question begins with every experienced DBA’s favorite answer… It depends… 🙂 A great place to start is with this MSDN article on Database Mirroring and Log Shipping (SQL Server). It is kind of like a questionnaire to determine what would be best and it explains this topic in fairly simple terms. Before I begin, I […]

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PowerShell Tip: BgPing – A High Performance Bulk Ping Utility

Last week, I was building out a 5 Node Windows 2008R2 cluster for use as a Hyper-V server.One of my nodes was giving me trouble. I was able to successfully install, configure and add it to the cluster, but when I started placing Virtual Machines it would lose access to the Cluster Shared Volumes. (CSV) After that loss to […]

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SQL Server’s Recovery Model Setting Based Upon Model (System) Database!

In my last article, I talked about COPY_Only backups and I very briefly mentioned Recovery Models for SQL Server. I will one do do a more detailed post when I find some time, but I did want to share this little tip with you about the impact the Model database can have on your databases. This […]

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Microsoft SQL Server Copy_Only Backups

One of the great books, I have read this year and have really enjoyed has been Rod Colledge’s (Blog | Twitter) SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action. I have really enjoyed this book and for being technical it was really well laid out, plus easy to follow. My copy has been thoroughly worn and marked up with notes. […]

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SQL Server Max Memory calculator from Microsoft is *not* intended for Database professionals…. really?

In an earlier article, I wrote about a few new tools for SQL Admins that were released by Microsoft. As I have done in the past I will correct myself to ensure that I am passing along helpful information. This article is another example and I would like to explain my thoughts. When I wrote that […]

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