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PowerShell Tip: BgPing – A High Performance Bulk Ping Utility

Last week, I was building out a 5 Node Windows 2008R2 cluster for use as a Hyper-V server.One of my nodes was giving me trouble. I was able to successfully install, configure and add it to the cluster, but when I started placing Virtual Machines it would lose access to the Cluster Shared Volumes. (CSV)

After that loss to the storage, it would put the VM in a stopped state with an invalid configuration. Due to a bad HBA driver install, I had to rebuild the node, but somehow one of the NIC interfaces got plugged into the wrong port on the switch and it was no longer on the correct VLAN, which happened to be the cluster heartbeat connection. At the time, I was not aware that this had happen. I just saw that I was having issues with a network connectivity when I reviewed the cluster validation report.

This time around, when I tried to verify the NIC settings, I was running into a challenge. I could not see the network switch to verify and was not able to see if we connected to the proper networks.

Lucky for me a quick search on the internet lead me to here. BGPing is a great PowerShellscript that will allow you to test numerous devices all at once and then output the results to a .csv file. (Comma-separated values)

It is pretty simple to run. First you need to configure the script to use a host file and an output file:

Then you need to either add IP addresses or Server names. In my case, I wanted to ping all 5 networks to all 5 nodes, so I entered in all of the IP addresses:

Now, you are ready to run the script:

And now you will see the output file as seen below:

With these contents:

Of course, this timed out when I was at home since I am on a different network scheme. However, at work I was able to see that the one node I was having issues with was unable to ping any of the nodes on the cluster heartbeat. Plus all of the other nodes could not ping this problem node on the cluster network, so it became real clear that this node had a NIC connected into the wrong port on the switch. I then was able to advise the network team what actions to take to resolve the issue.


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One Response to “PowerShell Tip: BgPing – A High Performance Bulk Ping Utility”

  1. Way cool Scott! It’s always good to see when someone makes use of this script and I’m honored that you liked it well enough to blog about it! I wrote it specifically to meet my own needs but it turned out so well (and amazingly fast) that I just had to share it on the website.

    October 24, 2012 at 6:56 PM
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