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HOW TO: Add Many NIC configuration settings with PowerShell

In yesterday’s post, I talk about using PowerShell to configure many NIC’s with NETSH. Today, I am going to cover doing it with PowerShell and make it simple where it will prompt for the information in a GUI.

So first off, you will need to ensure that you have Executaion Policy changed to allow for signed scripts to be run. (set-executionpolicy remotesigned)

Here is the script:

And now lets see it in action, but let’s check out our NIC settings before we begin:

As you can see I am just using DHCP, so now lets run the script:

And lets check on our settings for the NIC after the script completes:

As you can see that was pretty simple and got the job done nicely. I really like PowerShell and think Microsoft did an awesome job with it.

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