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SharePoint error when creating a new SSRS service application

Recently, I followed the steps in this TechNet article (Install Reporting Services SharePoint Mode as a Single Server Farm) to create a Reporting Services 2012 Service Application. However, when I try to create the SSRS service application, I get the following error: “The timer job completed, but failed on one or more machines in the farm.”

The farm includes only one SharePoint server, so I went looking through the ULS logs and noticed this:

Digging some more through the logs, I noticed a more interesting error, the server was not able to access a registry key:

So then I took a look at the permission of the key and notice that the account did not have write permissions, so I changed it to the following:

Sadly, it still did not work, so I looked at the install components of SQL Server (specifically Reporting services) and that is when I knew what the problem was causing me. I installed the reporting service add-in, but “Reporting Services – SharePoint” was missing. With the add-in only still you can install the service application, but it will throw the error as seen above. I just installed “Reporting Services – SharePoint” and checked the registry, it has the expected setting now.

As a suggestion, it should not be possible to install the service application when the “Reporting Services – SharePoint” is missing.

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One Response to “SharePoint error when creating a new SSRS service application”

  1. Doug B #

    This does not seem to happen only in this case. I have both features installed however it still fails.

    September 26, 2012 at 12:33 PM
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