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HOW TO: Replace or Migrate Your Quorum Drive in Windows 2008 Cluster

Have you been in a position where you had to retire an external storage device like a SAN or DAS but you had your Quorum drive resource on it? Well, this post will walk you through the steps needed to swap out your drive. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much easier it is to do in Windows 2008 versions.

First you will need to open Failover Cluster Manager (cluadmin.msc), highlight Storage and then click on Add a disk

Then click the box to add the disk

Now you will see the disk is added under Available Storage

Now, Right click on your cluster name and go to More Actions and Configure Cluster Quorum Settings

Now it will bring up the Configure Cluster Quorum Wizard

It should pick up your nodes correctly, but please verify, in this case my recommended was correct since I have an even number of nodes

Now select the new disk to replace your existing Quorum

Now you will see the changes and verify the correct disk got selected

Now click finish if you have the right disk

Now, how do your switch the drive letter back to the standard Q, that most of us got used to standardizing on? Well, it is pretty simple, right click on the old Quorum and select change drive letter


Change the drive letter to what ever letter you like (I recommend that you change the old Quorum to another drive letter that is not Q and then change your new one to the Q drive)

I also recommend that you change the drive from the standard cluster disk to Quorum by right clicking the drive and selecting properties

Just type over the Resource Name field and hit apply or OK

See I told you it was easy and as usual, I hope this information helps.

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