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Sorry for the downtime past 30 hours :(

I wanted to say that I am sorry it took so long to get back up after being down for so long the past few days. It turns out that my old host was inadvertently shut off (actually deleted) around 10 AM PST on Thursday and I was given no notice until I saw my web site was not replying to requests. To add to the time in getting back up was 2 main factors: My Dad is in town visiting me and we had some plans. The other was my lack of knowledge about MySQL which is used as the back-end database for my web site which runs on WordPress.

Another a few other obstacles were my limited experience with using my backup program called Backup Buddy which did in fact have all of my data except for 2 posts. (Which again was my mistake in planning since I did not do nightly full backups on my site) I also had a few key challenges at work that need to be fixed as well which caused my priority to change.

The good news is that I am fully recovered and learned a lot from it, plus I have made changes to prevent the outage again, like doing full nightly backups for both the web site and the database. (Sadly I was only doing just the database on a nightly basis) As of early this morning, I got all of my posts and data.

So after that experience, I moved back to AWS where I knew I could recover faster with the use of create image (AMI) and use of EBS volumes. I did most of my recovering on AWS and so far I only have a bill of $1.51, since I was using the free tier. My bill will now increase a little bit more, but it is worth it when you consider the downtime that I just encountered.

I will document my process more tomorrow in a new post and in the meantime, I do wants to say thank you to a cool GUI based MySQL tool called HeidiSQL.

Thank you for understanding and again, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.

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