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HOW TO: Shut Down or Reboot Many Servers at Once in a Flash

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to quickly shutdown a lot of servers in a hurry? Well, I got some good news for you, as long as you have an inventory list of all you servers then you can do it pretty quickly!

This is a neat little trick, that allows you to either reboot or shutdown your servers gracefully and fast. All you need to do is enter shutdown -i and I will walk you through that process today. As you can see below, I have a few running Virtual Machines on my Hyper-V server:

Lets say that I am patching (SMLCLUSQLM101, SMLCLUSQLM102 and SMLCLUWINSTOR) and I wanted to reboot all of them at once. (I am also wanting to avoid doing them one at a time) Not a problem, just go to start, run, type shutdown -i and then press enter:

It will open this Remote Shutdown Dialog:

I want to power off those servers, so I can do that by selecting add in the picture above. Which will open this window below:


It will then allow you to add these servers in the box by doing a paste into it from your server list that is either in a text file or Excel workbook:

Now click OK:

Here are your options for this command:

You can even send a message to the remote systems in case a user is logged on:

Which in turn will give them a warning on their session:

As you can now see all of my servers are powered off and it went pretty quickly:

As usual, I hope this helps you.

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