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Wow! Amazon EC2 is lowering prices again…

Sorry all, that I missed this earlier and I meant to post this on Thursday, but I got tied up with work. This news listed below from Amazon’s web site is really good news. Last month, I was hosting this site on EC2 and since I wanted to run Windows 2008 R2 (which is 64 bit) the only real option that I had for me, was to use m1.large, which was about $400.00 dollars a month. This recent change will allow me to run a m1.small and that would only cost me about $100.oo dollars. (Yes, a $300.00 dollar saving per month)

This is really welcome and wonderful news!

Mar 07, 2012

Announcing three new Amazon EC2 features

We are announcing three new features that will make it even easier for you to use Amazon EC2 for your application and development needs.

  • Customers can now launch 64-bit Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) on m1.small and c1.medium instances. This capability allows you to scale across micro, standard, high CPU and high memory EC2 instances with a single 64-bit AMI.
  • We are launching the thirteenth Amazon EC2 instance type, m1.medium. m1.medium instances are ideal for many applications that require a reasonable amount of CPU and memory, but do not require all the resources of an m1.large instance. This new instance type supports both 32 and 64-bit AMIs.
  • Customers can now log into their Linux instances directly from within the Amazon EC2 management console without the need to install additional software clients

To learn more about Amazon EC2 and to try these new features, please visit the Amazon EC2 Page

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